Let’s face it, the way we live in our home isn’t the way we sell our home. Just look at all those properties for sale they are all selling an image that buyer’s dream of living.

With our pre sale consult we look at your home through your buyers eyes. We walk through your home and give you advice on what to do to prepare to sell, we provide you with a list of to do’s.

Simply put, our team style property for sale! We are able to give you practical home improvement advice that will help you prepare to sell, our tips include style advice, getting organised tips and where to spend money to have the most impact.

After visiting your property we will send you a ‘to do’ list, to help you get ready to sell. If you need more help with the clutter clearing, we can help there to, just ask us!

Sometimes you want just a bit of help with styling and want to use your own furniture, if this is you our partial styling option is for you.

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Almost every property needs a refresh, it might be a simple paint or some landscaping to create a great first impression but sometimes a property needs more.

Its stressful enough getting ready to sell, isn’t it, without trying to arrange quotes and make sure everything gets done on time.

Because we have a team of professional trades that have worked on our own properties, combined with our knowledge of real estate and interior design skills we are able to save you time and money and deliver your property ready to sell, with the impact it deserves.


We understand that not everyone has opportunity of moving out while they sell their property, we offer advice on clutter clearing, lighting and furniture placement, and you can hire some of our accessories to give that WOW feeling.

For a more extensive makeover check out styling to sell

Property Styling

When you have been visiting open homes in your search for a new address, you will have noticed that many of them have been styled and look like no lives there (I sometimes wonder where everyone goes?).

These properties have created the dream image for the target market, we have years of experience in real estate and understand what buyers want, we use this knowledge alongside your agent to create the look that will achieve the best possible price for your property.

Your property must stand out from the crowd, no-one want to be a plain jane.

Sometimes it’s more of a refresh and property makeover that you need, check out our renovating to sell page.

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Our trades team cover

(Everything you can think of, when getting your property ready to sell)





Plastering and rendering

All flooring trades

Pool cleaning

Blind and curtain

Installing new kitchens/ bathrooms

Garden and landscaping

Property cleaning



Storage and moving

This option can include property styling