Don’t be a ‘plain jane’ is a saying in our family, which to us means, stand out from the crowd, take a risk and have a go, and that’s exactly why we started our business, because no property should be plain.  Oh, and coincidentally we share Jane as a family name.

We love houses (we even worked in real estate) and we love renovating, and because we dream about interior design, we decided this was the business for us.

We are primarily a mother and daughter team, now supported a great team of trades, we deliver beautiful, jaw droppingly (that’s not a word, right?) gorgeous homes that sell. We have achieved major success (with our most recent sale achieving a record price), and we offer our services to you when you are selling your property.

Whether it’s a presale consult, where we give you a list of to do, or a partial styling (using some of your stuff, and some of ours), or a full makeover or simply property styling. We are here to help because selling your property is one of the most stressful occasions you will ever have (we still get stressed and we are on number 15!).

Check out our services page, for the details.